Omegatrend Goes Bust

It’s always a sad story when you hear that a company that you’ve been part of has gone down the gurgler.

The reason for its demise?

Mr Rocke said the business was struggling with sales slumping to $12-$15 million per annum because in boom times members were less inclined to supplement their incomes by selling Omegatrend products.

This is certainly an interesting way to fail. Who would have thought it were even possible that as the economy increased your business prospects decreased?

Certainly in the ’90′s after the sharemarket crash of 1987 in a world of spiraling interest rates and businesses were going bankrupt at a great rate of knots, finding a way to bring in some extra dollars was almost a God-send. Omegatrend’s founder, Mr Loren Watts, set about to create his own “Amway” and found increasing success for the first decade. Many mum’s and dad’s joined the business hoping to achieve some of their ‘dreams’ that could only be achieved through a sales system that was Omegatrend – at least that’s what they told us.

As administrators were appointed there was still a salesforce of 13,000 but only 1500 were active. The business still owed creditors A$2m and 70 employees were laid off.

Look on the bright side. At least there’s one less phone call we’ll receive from an overzealous friend looking to build his empire.


  1. I was a memer for 4 years I saw the writting on the wall ith omgatrend, Loren and Sandra Set out to achive 40 million members and were hell bent on doing this no matter what, They go to greedy, to big to fast, The went to the wrong market in going to malaysia and new zealand the should have set up in india, or china as these are the growning ecomomies of the world. It is sad to see hurt people and lost promises, The Time that lauren watts spent on a beach in Hawaii will be always remembered by many people in the business as a secret leaked out wich turns out to be the truth, although the court case was one by Laren, and sandra they sold their soles to the devil by forming a secret deal with rich devos, and jay van andel, and network 21 owner and silent partner jim and jan dornan who new that amway had a bad name and formed omegatrend which is really always been amway, and will always been, once this secret had gotten out people left the organisation in droves. Amotrend as many call it is the same as dicksmith is to woolworths or harris technology is to coles, the only difference is Amway manufacturing facility is the manufacture and omegatrend, network 21, system 2000, what every you call them are the distributors and agents, and have lied to it’s members the whole time forming a cult of lies, and deception. It is funded by the seventh day adventist movment that came out of america mid west in the 1950′s and 1960′s. They even said they had amway members joining as spies to spy on thier own company, to make it look like they werent amway, or associted with them. They pride them selves on good clean living and materialistic and money making is their religion and way of life. if they are so much of a leader why hasn’t luren and sandra put a letter up on thier website explaining to thier 1.5 million australian members why they went broke, why are they not holding a press conference, or at the very least have an explanation letter on the front page of thier website, no why? becasue they are hidding with your money, and will form another company and partnership with a vitamin company that funnly enough is asociated with amway and form the revolution and tell everyone one how they can make money, why don’t they come clean, and register amotrend or omegaway as a religion and they then could get the money legally that they fleece of australians regularly in an honest an legitimate way. I say where are you luren, hiding just like those days in hawaii, big decsion you had to make, when will we cut and run with,everones omegamoney and start again, you just watch, africa, and the poor countries will be there next location to spread thier religion of wealth, dreams, and fleecing people of the very little funds. Wake up laren the internet was invented becasue people are sick to death of door to door mothball sales people, and unwanted phone calls trapping us into an omega-oppiontment, and teking people for everything they have. Lets face it society has changed and the period of direct selling ended they day the internet started. Just watch out for hybrids comming out. I feel sorry for all the people such as, daryl oxley, neil stace, newcombs, all all the other leaders you lied to. as they lied to thier downline, and no-one has time for people who cannot have the intestinal fortitude to even address thier so called cult of followers on the omegatrend website.

  2. Ian, before you launch into diatribe you should get a) get your facts correct; and b)learn to express yourself in correct English (yours is appalling spelling and abysmal syntax); and c) get people’s names spelt accurately: he isn’t “Laren” and the Newcombes aren’t “newcombs”.
    No distributors went broke, most didn’t work at all so no wonder they failed. Most were looking for a free lunch and there just isn’t one!
    I’ve no idea whether “Laren” is on a beach in Hawaii but if he is it certainly shews that he is a good deal smarter than you

  3. We were in OT…. we learnt alot as far as personal development but lost much more… we still find it hard to believe that what we were told was all lies?? I still don’t know?? I feel worse for the friends & people that we took with us… we only speak to 2 now & one of them is the mother in law…. A shame for us as it really messed with our heads. Take care, Jo.

  4. hi I was with omega trend and they lied to me to some of the up lines went there own way and started there own business,I will never go back

  5. We were OT members for 3-4 years. We were looked after long after we deserved to be looked after. I met Loren once and found him to be very friendly and I thought he was genuine. We made no money directly through OT but we wouldn’t be where we are today without it. If Loren is lying on the beach in Hawaii good on him. Our lives have improved out of site thanks to the personal growth program that OT have.

    We are not the only ones, our best friends, who we joined through have gone from struggling to running their own thriving business, others who we joined to OT have gone onto other things. It got us out of the ruts we were in.

    I’ll always be grateful to Loren and Sandra.

  6. I built my Melbourne business up to the Direct level in 18months and devoted all my time developing “Me” along the way. Books, tapes and association was the “key”. It proved right but not for building an Omegatrend business. Today i own Australia’s largest and most sucessful OHS recruitment company. I have Mark Edwy-Smith & Loren Watts to thank for the inspiration.

  7. Couldn’t agree with the last two comments more. It’s a shame so many people felt they were betrayed and lied to. The business imo was only set up to give ordinary people another way to supplement their income through their own spending.
    The books, tapes & speakers were a great way for personal development for a fraction of the price you’d paid these days.
    Edwy-Smith, Stace’s & Watts worked for they earned and help many grow as people along the way.
    Thanks for an amazing 20 years of growth and leadership.
    PS. does anyone know if the old seminar tapes are available for download somewhere?

  8. What a disappointment Omegatrend was. Was roped in by a family member – my husband would take no part. The “I no longer need a maid” , ” look at my beautiful new furniture” all became too much for me. Though legal at the time it was farcical pyramided selling and they are thankfully broke. The OT self-righteous crock of shit rivals 50 Mormons at your door. PUKE! It is pyramid selling in disguise. More’s the fool am I. Should have listened to my husband

  9. I worked for the company in the head office. I was not a manager or anyone high up.

    My experience was that they were an exceptional company to work for. They had excellent positive values that everyone worked by and employees and members were always treated with the utmost respect. I personally really enjoyed working for the company and found it to be probably the best company I have worked for in terms of values and great people.

    The MLM business model will always get a bad wrap and the fact that Omegatrend went out of business does not mean they were bad or that they lied to members. They tried to make something work and it didn’t pull through a tough patch.

    It’s too easy to kick people while they are down and say how bad they were. If you truly knew the people and company you couldn’t say that. The owners of Omegatrend and employees invested massively more into the business than any of these negative commenters.

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